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User's headache

We have calculated time expenses for simple actions ( start apps, data search in different apps, plannig, etc.), we were shocked!
Some people have this expenses start from several minutes to hours every day!
We decided to change it! We create intellectual address book Smart Data Assistant.

Chaos in contacts, shedule, files

Social, messengers - many services for communications...
Search, control, choise apps - simple actions take our time, a lot of time

Time wantage

Every day we solve many tasks, receive a lot of notifacations from apps

Call2me - Smart Data Assistant

Mobile app & Google chrome extension

Call2me saves up 2 hours daily. Let`s see how we made this possible


Smart cards   =   Contacts in apple-pie order

Assistant helps You: save, update, search contacts, files, events, places less 2 secs.
You have access to data from anywhere on the tip of cursor or mouse.


Notifications and schedule

Direct access to Schedule, Assistant can answer messages automatically.
No need to waste time to switch between apps many times.


Ai i/o-based Personal Assistant

Assistant can understand Your native language commands
from any device, any messenger

Users` Reviews

Pavel Muntyan

CEO Toonbox Animation Studio

#creative   #mult   #cyprus

" I have chaos with my 4200 contacts,
I need this application immediately! "

Vitaliy Urban

Founder at Hello Baby

#hello   #baby   #apps

" Very cool! i dream about this! "

Oleg Reshetnikov

CEO PromoRich - Mobile Agency

#boroda   #mobile   #it   #cyprus

" Wow, #Hashtags for Contacts!
All my contacts in perfect order now "

Irina Barzhak

Andragog, Public speaking coach

#public   #coach   #people

" Thanks guys, i can find any file during 2-3 seconds! Usually I would spent up to 1 min "

PR & Events

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Apple Store

iOS, iMac

Microsoft Store

WindowsPhone, Desktop

Chrome Extensions

Chrome Browser

Firefox Add-ons

Firefox Browser

Smart card

Better than business card
Your contacts profile

Data Cloud

For your contacts, schedule, events, places and files

Data Safety

End2end data encryption and secure transfer

Personal Assistant

Friend, Superhero and Helper


Most important and it's priceless!

Only 1 000 000 Assistants for free, join to time-saving community

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